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MS오피스365 무료 다운로드 및 합법적인 영구 제품인증 방법

오늘은 KMS 라이선스 키를 사용하여 Microsoft Office 365 제품을 정품 인증하는 합법적인 방법에 대해 소개할까합니다. 라이센스는 6개월 동안만 유효하지만 인터넷이 연결되어 있는 경우 만료일 전에 자동으로 갱신됩니다. 또한 만료가 된 경우에도 cmd 파일을 다시 실행하여 언제든지 Office를 수동으로 정품인증 갱신을 할 수 있습니다.

MS 오피스 365 다운로드 및 정품인증 사이트 정보 확인하기

‍♂️ What is Microsoft 365 - Explained

In this step-by-step tutorial, find out all about Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 is a subscription plan that includes the Microsoft Office suite (which includes apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), 1 TB of additional OneDrive storage and access to OneDrive Personal Vault, and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month. Under the brand, Microsoft also offers access to its collaboration platform Teams (which has features designed around family use), and a premium tier of Microsoft Family Safety. Microsoft also offers trial offers of third-party services for Microsoft 365 subscribers, with companies such as Adobe (Creative Cloud Photography), Blinkist, CreativeLive, Experian, and Headspace. There are two available plans, including "Personal" and "Family" (up to six users) versions.

Additional resources:
- Microsoft 365 on Amazon:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
1:27 History of Microsoft Office \u0026 subscriptions
4:58 Install Office apps
5:24 New feature examples
6:02 Advanced services
6:29 Editor
6:59 Money in Excel
7:12 Design ideas \u0026 fonts
8:00 Premium templates
8:15 Stock images, icons \u0026 videos
8:42 OneDrive
9:51 Outlook with no ads
10:02 Skype free minutes
10:30 Family safety
10:49 Partner deals \u0026 offers
11:15 Support
11:27 Pricing plans
13:04 Wrap up

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